Friday, May 1, 2009

Where did April go?

BUSY time - I have been MIA for over a month. I have dropped in now and then - but really just lurking. Life has been busy.

I found out the last week in March that a HUGE proposal for work was successful and it means major expansion for my department - to St. Louis (STL). I have been working like crazy on the new project and my normal job. Been traveling back and forth. In the midst of this, we have the opportunity to move to STL and I could lead the new project implementation.

Also, we had been coming to terms with our situation during the winter months. After our failed cycles last year, we knew to take our next "baby" steps - we needed to sell our house. So here we are. The house is "for sale". It is a huge burden lifted off our shoulders to know that we have made this decision and took this step.

The next BIG decision will be once the house sells - do we stay here? Or move to STL? I have a strong desire to move but it may all depend on timing. The project implementation date is 7/1; however, we are hiring people this month. My boss has given me a Memorial Day timeline to decide. I have a feeling May is going to be a roller coaster of emotions.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone! Happy May Day!