Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving Forward, Etc.

Long time, no post.  Where to start?  The pregnancy ended in a natural miscarriage.  AF arrived on 4/30...which in itself brought crap-load of emotions.  We were in such a *good* place before that roller coaster...and then....

5/28 came and went.....AF was late again.  5/30 brought us another +HPT (DH insisted on waiting 2 days).  I called the RE's office to schedule beta for the next day.  Then, AF arrived that evening!  Blah!

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on 6/5!  We went to a casino resort for a weekend getaway!  It was wonderful and DH got extra points for my spa package!  :)

We ended the relaxing weekend with a visit to the RE on 6/7 to discuss the recent events and future plans.  We asked our questions about what could have happened with the pregnancies, RPL and other testing.  RE is cautious about RPL testing since these were such early losses.  He feels that we need more information to make a more informed decision.  We agree.  So.....we did a baseline beta for me that day (result is 0, since the recent +HPT); I will re-do CD3 testing next cycle; DH will have a new SA.  From there, we will decide if we want to try on our own a few more months, pursue genetic testing, or do IUI with/without meds

To complicate matters, DH has been having problems with his back again.  This has led to meds that may affect his counts and a cortisone injection is on the horizon.  The injection steroid may affect his counts, his SA will be all about the timing.  And then, if it isn't good ~ I know we will have questions as to whether the meds affected it. 

When is timing not an issue when TTC and IF?  :(  The complications continue...