Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good news

We got the paperwork from the new clinic to complete prior to our consult.  They want it at least 1 week prior, which means this Friday, YIKES ~ where does time go these days?!  Ah yes, my CRAZY work schedule.  The positive ~ it has kept me so busy, this cycle is flying by!

As we prepare for the consult, we have been discussing when we want to do the next IVF cycle.  Given an A-ok by the new RE, we have pretty much settled on December.  I was initially concerned because work is out of control busy but DH helped me put that in perspective, relatively quick.  :o) 

It is hard for me to, well, think about ME.  I am very, Type-A....need a plan, need others to have a plan, need to always give my all, need to be dependable, reliable, involved in the planning, ETC...  Did I mention, I am the oldest of my family?  I LOVE that he didn't give me an option.  He knows it is time for us to move forward.

So as my job duties have exploded in the past few weeks, I have been wondering how to break the news to my boss that I might need to be gone for 3-4 wks in Dec.  Thankfully, she knows our story and struggles.  I mentioned in passing about a consult with a new clinic.  She brought it up earlier this week and asked me where things stand.  I took the opportunity to spill the "plan".  She hugged me and immediately was supportive and assured me, we'd make it work.  Whatever it takes.  WHEW!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

CD 13 ~ + OPK

My RE's office checks their messages at 7:30am on Sat and Sun.  I woke both mornings between 7am - 7:25am this weekend (without an alarm clock) to take a OPK with FMU.  Both were negative.  This morning, I was grouchy that for the 2nd morning in the row that I was able to sleep in, I couldn't.  Isn't it funny how our subconscious works?

Although the RE's office said I only need to test in the morning, the past few months, my + has shown up in the evening.  I took another OPK this evening and got a :o)  I will call the RE tomorrow, although we have decided to BD and not do an IUI this round.  We have made the decision to save the $ for our pursuit of IVF in the near future.  Our consultation with the new clinic is 11/5.

And for the record, I had an insane work schedule this past week.  This next week is not much better but I hope to deal with things better since I'll be without the Clomid.  It made me tired, whiney and grouchy. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CD 1 ~ Clomid cycle

AF arrived today.  I called our RE today.  We are proceeding with a clomid cycle with OPKs and bd'ing.  I go for a baseline u/s on Thursday.

In the meantime, we have scheduled a phone consultation with another clinic.  Since the results of my latest tests have put us out of the running for a shared risk IVF plan, we have been looking at our options.  I found this clinic who offers very reasonable packages for multiple IVF cycles.  Their ART stats are good and they seem to do a lot of cycles.  Excited to be moving forward!


In other exciting news, a good friend (who I met because of our infertility struggles) gave birth today to twins, 1 boy and 1 girl.  I am so proud of you Lindsay for finding the strength to push through the dark days and keeping the hope that some day, today would arrive!  So happy for you and Steve, love you girl!