Sunday, August 29, 2010

RE Consult

My last cycle was short and I ended up being able to do another round of CD 3 tests last Friday (8/20). We had scheduled our RE consult to discuss the high FSH results for Tuesday, 8/24, so it worked out perfectly to have the latest results for our discussion. The nurse called on Monday, FSH = 12, E=33. YAY! :o) As RELIEVED as I felt, it was just as confusing...

We talked to our RE on Tuesday and here is his perspective:
*even though 12 is obviously better, 12 is borderline
*an isolated, elevated FSH is worrisome to him, it could be a sign of a potential problem
*12 doesn't say whether or not I'll get pregnant but when FSH gets to 25, "IVF is no benefit, absolutely no benefit" (CRINGE!)
*12 means a diminished response to stims - but it is good info to know and we can work with it - start with higher stims for a cycle
*there is nothing you can "do" to treat a high FSH
*there is nothing that we can attribute the high FSH to (diet, exercise, alcohol - I was worried about that since we had just got back from vacation)
*he thinks I should get AMH test - it is a cycle independent test (so he says, it doesn't matter if it is taken in a different cycle)
*AMH is a blood test and he thinks a good test to compliment the FSH. If it is <1, then we have reason to be concerned for POF.

Since the early miscarriages in the spring, I have been searching and reading as much information as I can. One topic that I have read a lot about is Luteal Phase Defect (LPD). I asked him about LPD because it seems in some cycles, my luteal phase is short.

He said the luteal phase is directly related to the follicular phase (before ovulation). If the follicles do not develop well, the luteal phase is shorter. He said he wrote an article that was published in 87-88 about this....he was talking over our heads for a bit but basically, he said there isn't a "test" to know if this is a problem - you just treat it as it is a problem. He said the treatment is adding progesterone support after ovulation. I said, well, I guess I'm asking if we can treat it as it is an issue because I think it may be. His thoughts on that:
*if we do a treatment cycle, then they would add progesterone support anyway
*if we want to do natural cycles, then sure, he would be fine with adding that 3 days after +OPK and then do HPT to see what happens

Finally, we asked about clomid for both of us. He said he wants to see DH's S/A first but that again, depending on what we wanted to do with cycling, he would be fine with me doing clomid.

So.....basically, I need AMH and a baseline progesterone test. DH needs a S/A to give us more information and determine where we go from here. We are a little frustrated because REALLY why didn't he just have the AMH done last wk when I did FSH???? If he knew that those 2 tests together would give us a better indication after the 25 FSH.....but WHATEVER, I'm trying to stay positive and see this as the next step for us that will lead us to a wonderful outcome!

Monday, August 2, 2010

June-July Re-cap, more bad news.!  I haven't kept up here or the IF boards.  Honestly, I've tried to "forget" about all things TTC for the past month or so....yeah, not working so well.

After our June RE consult, we did much talking about what "we should do".  July was shaping up to be a busy month....we had a long-weekend away planned and a 2-week vacay.  To avoid dampening our spirits, we decided to put off my Day 3 blood work.

We spent the 4th of July in the Disney World area and made note of all the places "we will bring our child someday."  That evening, we caught a ride to WDW, purchased a few adult beverages, and found "the perfect spot" on the beach of Seven Seas Lagoon to watch the fireworks and water parade.  We were bummed they only lasted 11 minutes!

The next week, we were home for 5 days and then off on our 2-week hiatus to St. John, USVI.  Even though Tropical Storm Bonnie made for some interesting weather, we had a fabulous time.  We ventured to the BVI and explored new places.  We celebrated our 34th and 35th birthdays.  We ate lots of yummy food, laughed a lot, and enjoyed our time together.  The beaches were as gorgeous as ever and we just love, love, LOVE the islands!

As our vacation was coming to an end, AF arrived.  Impeccable timing.  Since I planned an extra vacay day before I returned to work and that just happened to be CD 3, we decided to move forward with the tests on 7/26.  Our RE's office called the next day with the results:  FSH = 25.3 and estrogen >30.  FSH should *ideally* be <10.  RE wants to "talk".  I don't want to hear what he has to say.  I don't want to hear about donor egg as our next option. 

At our June consult, he briefly mentioned donor egg as we discussed getting the updated tests, b/w, and figuring out what was next.  My heart sank then, I was offended that he "went there." And now, here.we.are.

We have an appointment in a few weeks but I don't know if I even want to go.  If I could go.  Physically, I am fine.  Emotionally, I am not.  From the outside, I am fine.  On the inside, I am not.