Thursday, October 13, 2011

9 months later...

Long time, no write...time flies when you're trying to forget about TTC!

First things first! My beautiful niece (aka Baby C) was born on September 13, 2011. Baby C is adorable and as a friend put it, scrumptious! She is a snuggler, and by all means, this auntie loves to snuggle her! :)

Our little puppy, Rosco, is now 10 months old! He is so full of energy that it's hard to keep up sometimes! Rosco loves to snuggle too and gives too many kisses to count! The sweetest story as of late - I showed him a picture of Baby C on my phone the other day - and he gave her kisses! Love that little guy and oh how he has helped make this year a joy, to say the least!

We've found ourselves more grounded this year than most. It's been kinda funny, who would have thought a puppy would change our pick-up and go, traveling style. Well, he has. For the most part, we hang out at home or visit family where he tags along!

Fun things so far this year...
*DH and I returned to the Dominican Republic in May for 2 glorious weeks of R & R!
*Kenny Chesney in concert!
*Jane's Addiction in concert - twice!

And...embarking on IVF #3 in a few weeks! Eeekkkkkk!