Saturday, November 22, 2008

Been awhile....

It has been awhile since I created this blog....thought about it today, and thought it was time to update here and make this a worthwhile venture. Many of the girls on the Forum have blogs and I have found inspiration and hope while reading their stories. I can only imagine it helps the soul to share your thoughts and write about your experiences. This is my goal. Today, I will add a link from my forum profile and "officially" begin this journey into the world of blogging.

First, an update on Us....September brought a month of choices. What would or could we do next? Our path led to an IUI cycle. We completed b2b IUIs on 10/12 & 10/13, AF arrived on 10/29.

Of course, we had a back-up plan. (Probably my most noteable trait - I am a planner!) The plan was: If IUI was not successful, we would move to IL, a mandated state ("mandated state" means there are state laws that require companies who offer pregancy insurance benefits to offer IF coverage, too. What a concept!?!? There are loopholes, such as religious organizations, and if there headquarters are not in IL, etc. But STILL, what a benefit to couples!). Anyways, our first step to moving was selling our home. We consulted with a few realtors and found out that we should expect a 30% decrease from our last appraisal - WTH???? Needless to say, moving plans, well, ALL plans (including IF tx), are on hold. On hold - indefinitely. We lack the $ to fund any treatments, we do not have any insurance coverage, and we cannot afford another monthly payment.

While in "Limbo Land", I've stayed connected on the Fertility Forum. I found tremendous support there before, during and, certainly, after our cycle. Some of our "Ladies of May" (women going through cycles in May) reconnected this fall and I am amazed at the connection we've made. It is wonderful to have friends who can relate to IF challenges - and along the way, relate to many other life experiences, too. These girls have truly been a blessing in my life the past few months!

So, what's my plan now? To Love, To Breathe, To Live, and To Blog!

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