Saturday, August 29, 2009

Something to focus on....

Seems like forever since we have actually *done* anything to deal with IF. We have been in limbo hell for almost a year now. Crazy, how time flies. The clock seems to tick faster these days, too. :-(

DH and I have been talking (of course!) about what we CAN do right now. We decided to investigate clomid for men. (Side note: Ever heard of it? Ever did it? If so, please comment and share your story!) Anyway, I have read posts on the forum about this awhile ago and right now, of course, when I am trying to seek information, there is not much. Regardless, we scheduled an appointment to talk to my Obgyn about the options (or not) with it. She just returned from maternity leave (very fitting, eh?) so it will be about 4 weeks before we see her. Actually, just checked the date, it is 1 month from today exactly! 9/29. So we have one month to gather info and be prepared to discuss this with her. She is a very approachable and reasonable woman, so I think if we can find enough info to support our interest, she will oblige.

In other news, there is no new news on the house-selling front. Yipes! I think I might need to follow through on burying the statue of St. Joseph that my dear friend, Lindsay, gave me a few months ago. Silly me, I thought we would not need it! :-)


  1. No experience or advice to offer up on the Clomid, but hope you are able to find some good info before your next appt. It feels good to be doing "something", huh? (-;

    Sending good thoughts for the house sale. It is such a tricky market.

  2. Hi, I clicked over from the LFCA and wanted to share my two cents on Clomid for your husband. Mine took the normal dosage and waited the three months to do another SA and it didn't help at all. :( It made him extremely moody and emotional. At one point, he threw the remaining tablets away, but later got them out of the trash and finished the course. It was pretty rough. BUT, all that said, if it's something that might be helpful and help you guys feel like you're doing SOMEthing, then maybe you should at least talk to the doctor about it. Just glancing through your archives, I can sooo relate to many apsects of your journey. We had a failed first attempt at IVF and then it worked the second time. I don't have an IF blog, but please feel free to email me at aotexas at gmail dot com if you have any other questions about clomid. And I'd love to share more of our story with you if you're interested.

  3. Hi there...also from LFCA! We also have MFI (low count/motility) and my DH was on Clomid for about 3 months or so (the absolute minimum amount of time one can be on it to see if it works given sperm production is on something like a 76 day cycle). It did nothing to help and from what I understood, it really depends on the person. Some men respond well and others, not so much. However we did have one thing that helped TREMENDOUSLY and I'm so surprised we even tried it given how skeptical we usually are, but we had a few docs recommend it. DH went on F.ertility Blend for men and after about 3 months, he went from 5 mil total count to 26 mil. After about 4-5 months, he was up to something like 140 mil. We could not believe it. (motility was still a bit low, though) I'm guessing that the effectiveness of either pill is dependent on the person and the cause for the MFI, though, but it might be worth a shot. I wonder if you can take both at the same time? Best of luck!

  4. All my husband's testing came back normal as far as finding a 'cause' for the severe MFI...but we were offered Clomid "just to see". We chose to pass and just proceed with IVF/ICSI....I've heard it can help, but I think the cases where it does are much less than those where it does nothing.

  5. Hi there! From LFCA, too. We're dealing with MFI, as well (low count, motility and 0% normal morphology). We're currently waiting on blood test results to see if there's a hormonal imbalance at work. If there is, our urologist suggests Tamoxifen rather than Clomid (they work similarly, though). However, I wanted to pass along that my in-laws had count and motility problems when they were TTC my husband and BIL. Clomid was enough for them to get pregnant both times. So, I guess it's true that it really depends on the person.

    Good luck!!