Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keeping Busy

I have been so busy with work again the past few weeks that I cannot believe it is October! I expect it will be this way for quite some time. The good news, it keeps my mind busy with work-related things and not dwelling on baby-making things!

I went to my obgyn appt earlier this week to talk about clomid for DH. He was unable to go with me which bothered me, but turned out better I think because my doc was very open with our conversation and asked questions that she may not have if he was sitting there. Bottom line, she said that she is not comfortable prescribing clomid for him and not monitoring him just in case he had some side effects or something. Fair enough. She asked me if he has seen a urologist ~ and I explained that yes, but the urologist doesn't address male fertility. She asked if I had heard of this other doc ~ no, I had not. She asked if I was interested in visiting with him? Sure, he's local. She called his office right then, asked if they were taking new patients and gave me his contact info. Talked it over with DH afterwards and we just need to call and schedule an appt now. It will be one more step, one more appointment to look forward too.

Nothing new on selling the house. We lowered the list price by 6K last week and have not had a single call. UGH! Each day, I go back and forth on if we should sell.... Could we stick it out here, live this tightly and not seek more treatment for a few years? Some days, I think we could. Other days, no way! Yesterday, I was thinking maybe. Today, I am thinking nope! I imagine this is what bipolar must feel like! LOL

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  1. Ugh. I'm glad you got a good referral but the 'ugh' is for the house situation. I'm sorry. They say the market is getting better...hopefully that means you will get a taker SOON. I know it is really frustrating when you want to move forward and you are being forced to stand still. Sending good house selling vibes your way!!!