Sunday, November 8, 2009

U/S results and a realization

DH had the u/s yesterday. It looks like there is a varicocele on each side. The tech said she has seen worse, but thinks DH's is pretty bad. Not sure what it all means yet...

The follow-up urology appointment is a few weeks out. However, I am going to try to move it up to this week. Now, we are anxious to learn our options.


On a related note, my parents visited this weekend. At breakfast yesterday, we were discussing the u/s appointment. It was amazing to see how comfortable my DH was discussing his *parts* with them and amusing watching my dad cringe at my DH's description of a varicocele repair!

Wow, it is crazy how far we have come on this journey! There is no shame in this game! :)


  1. glad you have a diagnosis finally! Both! Thinking of you guys tonight.

  2. Sorry to hear about the varicocele. Dh had a repair last year via embolization which is less invasive than the "under the knife" surgery - not sure if it is an option for a double, but worth looking into. Let me know if you have ?s!