Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waiting, again.

We were not able to move up the follow-up appointment with the urologist. It is scheduled for 11/23. So until then, more waiting.

We have been talking about surgery to repair the varicoceles. We do not know for sure yet if this will be an option or recommended but if it is, we will definitely go this route. However, we will probably wait (there is that word again! :o) until the week before Christmas due to DH's work schedule and available time off. It will give him the longest period of recoup time before having to return to work.

We have had a couple of more calls on the house and a showing. Still, waiting. Our county continues to have one of the highest unemployment rates in the it is no surprise the housing market is not really moving. There has been one home sold in our town in the past year or more. We are discussing options and probably will be doing some re-evaluation of them this weekend.

I just wish something was easy for us and went our way easily, just once.


  1. I hope the appt. w/the urologist went well. My DH had a similar diagnosis of low sperm count caused by a vericocele (though he had something like less than 100 sperm visible rather than 1 million), and he had surgery a few years back.

    Four months after surgery his counts were around 5 mil, then up to 20 mil after 7 months, then dropped back to practically nothing. However, a couple years later, he was up into a totally normal range - 50 to 70 mil, and he's been like that for a couple of years now. His urologist's nurse said they frequently see that kind of a pattern, so hang in there if things don't change quite as quickly as you hope they will.

  2. Just getting caught up! I hope the follow up appointment went well and that you are able to start moving forward soon.

    Hugs for all the are so right with "just once".