Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good news

We got the paperwork from the new clinic to complete prior to our consult.  They want it at least 1 week prior, which means this Friday, YIKES ~ where does time go these days?!  Ah yes, my CRAZY work schedule.  The positive ~ it has kept me so busy, this cycle is flying by!

As we prepare for the consult, we have been discussing when we want to do the next IVF cycle.  Given an A-ok by the new RE, we have pretty much settled on December.  I was initially concerned because work is out of control busy but DH helped me put that in perspective, relatively quick.  :o) 

It is hard for me to, well, think about ME.  I am very, Type-A....need a plan, need others to have a plan, need to always give my all, need to be dependable, reliable, involved in the planning, ETC...  Did I mention, I am the oldest of my family?  I LOVE that he didn't give me an option.  He knows it is time for us to move forward.

So as my job duties have exploded in the past few weeks, I have been wondering how to break the news to my boss that I might need to be gone for 3-4 wks in Dec.  Thankfully, she knows our story and struggles.  I mentioned in passing about a consult with a new clinic.  She brought it up earlier this week and asked me where things stand.  I took the opportunity to spill the "plan".  She hugged me and immediately was supportive and assured me, we'd make it work.  Whatever it takes.  WHEW!

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  1. Oh Angie! I'm so glad for you - to have a cycle underway, having an understanding boss, and a husband that shares your goals. I'm excited for you and hope that things continue to go this smoothly. Miss you!