Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big decision!

We have made a decision!  We are moving forward with a multi-cycle IVF plan with a new RE in December!  As in NEXT month!  We had our consult on 11/5 and really liked the RE.  He suggested the flare protocol since it takes awhile for me to respond to stims.

AF should arrive around 12/5.  We will do baselines here and then travel to NY for a few weeks.  ER/ET will be the week of Christmas!

Also, I made it back to the gym yesterday, finally.  It was odd walking back in there - the last time was in April, when I was pregnant.  Mixed emotions thinking about that yesterday.  But it's past me.  I did it.  And I will go back tomorrow.

p.s.  AF arrived this past Mon, 11/8.  :(

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  1. I just got your email...checked it after I read ths post wondering if you were going to see my old RE. I'll respond via email. I'm so glad you are moving forward with a good plan. That doc is a really nice guy!