Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up

I have been MIA this week busy with work. I have spent most of today catching up on the boards and blogs. There is so much going on!

There is something in the air with my friends that I've met on the boards. One of them had a beta of 137 yesterday! One had a few +HPTs (her beta is tomorrow). And another one's beta is tomorrow and her signs sound promising, too! She has stayed away from POASing. So, please keep these girls in your thoughts!

On the blogs, there is a lot of action, too. Many are starting cycles or in their 2ww! It is crazy how fast things seem to go. I am hopeful that some day soon, we will get to join in the action!

In other good news, we are now a little more secure! Since we had several thousand $$ of medical expenses last year, our federal tax refund is several thousand dollars and posted to our account this morning! YAHOO! Now, how to spend it???

*We have talked about immediately going full force with another single cycle. (but we REALLY want to do a shared-risk plan)

*We have dreamt about going to the islands tomorrow.

We have reasoned that we should probably save it as a nest egg until we figure out what the future holds for us.

*Are we going to lose an income? (DH's job is a bit uncertain with the economy)

*Are we going to be able to sell our house?

*Are we going to relocate?

So many questions - no answers. Not yet. While we wait, I will try to step back and savor the small joys in my life! (Thanks, Retro Girl!)


  1. Woohoo on getting that refund! That's such a blessing in this economy! Whatever you decide to do with it - enjoy! :-)

  2. YAY for refunds!!! Thanks for the kind words about our relocation plan. I hope you come up with a small splurge to treat yourselves - massages and an amazing dinner perhaps?

  3. Great news on the tax refund! I know- I hate when everything is up in the air...but you should at least enjoy a tiny bit of that refund (nice date-night or concert or something)and keep the rest for something useful. We do have to try to enjoy the little things!

  4. Nice refund!!! I hope that allows you to take off a little stress.

  5. YAY on the tax return! I so need to file to get ours!

  6. Angie - just commenting again to warn you that I tagged you in my last post:-)

  7. I usually ignore tags etc. but, I tagged you on my blog for '10 Scraps of Honesty' about you... look forward to reading!!!

  8. that's great that you had such a good refund. Maybe you should hold on to it, at least for a few months and then decìde wisely on how to best spend the money.
    Ï too need to get to our tax returns... :S