Friday, January 6, 2012

1st ultrasound

I talked to my mom last night and felt better about my decision to just be me and DH at the appt. She was totally supportive and understanding. Thank goodness for moms :)

A back story that I forgot to capture here was my drama with scheduling the u/s. I waited until this past Tues (Jan 3) to schedule it. I've had this lingering, gut feeling, apprehension. Anyways, I called my local clinic (aka clinic #1 - where we've been patients since 12/07 and completed IVF #1 and a few other monitored cycles) and they tell me they cannot do an outside OB u/s. WTH? Apparently, its an office policy. So after a minor freak out, they assuring me they've helped others in our situation and sent me to an imaging center that does various radiology tests. In addition, I needed b/w, which clinic #1 agreed to do.

So this morning, we go to the imaging center. Right away, I wondering if this is the right decision? Lots of other people there for various other things like mammograms, MRIs etc. Oh well, we were there.

The u/s tech was nice but some of the things she said about IVF and didn't know about calculations worried me. Then the u/s. The measurements she took showed the 1 gestational sac measuring a few days (2-3?) behind. She said she didn't see any other sacs but then commented that she wasn't sure what this "other was" - I called it a spot. I didn't push because all I could think was the worst. She took some other measurements and images and we were done. When she left the room, we lost it. Yep, major meltdown on the u/s table. She met us in the hall and tried to reassure us that she's seen babies make it...she was making it worse. Ugh...get me out of here already.

Before we left the parking lot, I called my nurse at our out of state clinic (clinic #2 - this is our 2nd IVF there). Immediately, she was like what's going on? I asked how far I should be measuring and babbled on about how she saw a sac and its a few days behind. She didn't skip a beat, telling me that its OK, that is perfectly fine. She said the b/w will give us the whole picture. She didn't have that yet but she expected all to be fine and we shouldn't worry. She would call only if it was bad, otherwise, the results would be on my e-record.

Well, our nurse called back about 30min later. Our hearts stopped, I'm sure. She says, I know you were worried so I just wanted to call and tell you the #s are LOVELY so don't worry, everything is fine. She proceeded to offer an u/s next Fri for my peace of mind.

When I hung up, DH and I lost it again. He said WHY did she call?! I think I had a heart attack.

The stats:
Gestational sac measuring 5w4d
Hcg - 3512
P4 - >20

Wow, what an emotional day. I am trying to remain hopeful but there is something in my gut that concerns me. I am worried. I've heard from a few friends today about their experiences and measuring behind...and all turned out fine. I hope and pray that's our situation. We want and need this baby more than anything. Please, please, please...


  1. If I can help ease your mind at all...I had ivf and at our first ultrasound the tech found two sacs. One looked fine, the other was measuring a full week behind and "didn't look normal". I freaked out as well. Up until I was 18 weeks pregnant, twin b measured a week behind. Needless to say, I have two healthy beautiful boys that are perfectly fine.

  2. i too had a "spot", it was blighted ovum, yes, all during my final 9th pregnancy baby measured a week behind. He's fine now
    praying and hoping

  3. At that stage, everything is so small that it's really tough to see much or measure accurately.

    Also, I think the fact that you had to go to a regular medical imaging center did not help - as soon as I read that, before I even got to the paragraph about what the tech said, I cringed. I'm sure they're adequately trained for general gyn imaging, but when you're dealing with an ultrasound this early in pregnancy, I think it would be really tough to get decently accurate results with anyone other than an RE's office. I imagine they see very, very few IVF patients at 6 weeks since they're a regular imaging center. Ultrasounds aren't done on most regular pregnant women until 8-12 weeks.

    I hope you're able to find an RE or OB who will give you another scan. What is the next step? Do you have an appointment scheduled somewhere? Are you getting another beta?

  4. It sounds like a promising start to me. Congrats to you and yous DH. Of course, nerves are raw at this stage, but all you can do is take it one day at a time. I would also trust your nurse from the fertility clinic rather than the medical centre who don't typically deal with pregnancies at such early stages.
    Wishing you well on a continued, healthy pregnancy.

  5. We had our first scan at 8w6d (IVF pregnancy so no question about dates) and the baby measured 3 days behind (8w3d), we were told that anything plus or minus 4 days was completely normal at that stage. It did worry me a bit, as you just want everything to be perfect, but this was in the UK where most early scans are done at the same clinic where you had the IVF treatment, so I trusted the nurses and knew that they knew what they were doing. And they were right as the pregnancy progressed perfectly and our daughter was born at 40 weeks 5 days and is now a boisterous 2 year old! So 2-3 days behind sounds fine to me for where you are, especially as like people have said the measurements are not that accurate so early on. But I agree with Rebecca that an u/s in a general imaging department sounds like a nightmare, you need to be somewhere they have experience with early pregnancy scanning, as well as the emotional side of it all. For example I’m surprised they told you things were measuring a few days behind, but not how many days deviation was considered normal at that stage, that’s the first thing my clinic told me which put my mind at rest straight away. It sounds like they’re just not used to dealing with people in your situation. Really hoping that this Friday’s scan is a better experience and you get the reassurance you need. Oh and that latest HCG number looks great!