Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My View: Then and Now

Whew, what a week. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I cannot believe I never thought about that paper or my writing of it this past year or so while we have been contemplating our future. Thanks to those of you who commented on my discovery and to answer the question a few of you asked....

My views on Biological Parents' Rights vs. Adoptive Parents' Rights have not changed since writing that paper. Perhaps, may be a little stronger. I believe once the bio-parents sign their rights over - the adoption is a DONE deal. I have thoughts about when that should be done, who has a say, etc. but the short version is: the adoptive parents' rights and emotions need protection, too. I have a few friends who have adopted domestically. Each encountered emotional turmoil because of bio-parents indeciveness and no one should have to endure such. I am not judging the bio-parents and I cannot imagine making the decision to give my baby up for adoption. However, I feel, once the decision has been needs to be that way for all parties involved.

Is it Friday, yet?


  1. I agree - too often the adoptive parents emotions and rights get overlooked. For many, coming to the decision to adopt happens after a long and painful IF journey, and to have your heart ripped out again, by an undecided birth parent can be too much to handle.

  2. I couldn't agree more! It's neat to hear that your thoughts have remained the same too.