Thursday, January 29, 2009

Planning ahead.

This week has been busy with work. But my mind is wandering. Is there anything else we should be doing or taking to help with our *issues* while we are on this break from treatment? I have mild endo and DH has low counts and morph. Our next step will more than likely be another IVF cycle. (Unless, there is huge improvement in DH's SA).

For now, I am taking a prenatal, calcium and DHA supplements. Also, royal jelly with bee pollen. DH is taking a multi-vitamin and recently started Fertil.eAid. I wonder if this is enough?

I am off work until Monday. This will give me some time and I plan to read-up on all of the latest suggestions. It has been awhile since I have done research on this, so if anyone has any suggestions, please share!

UPDATE: Thanks for the suggestions!

Erica, WELCOME to the IF blog world! It is not a great place to be, but it makes it better knowing that you are not alone. Thanks for sharing your story.....I look forward to reading more about your journey.

Mamasoon, no, our RE did not recommend the Fertile.Aid ~ while we are on this break, we decided to give it a try. And, I thought DHA is an omega 3?? Also, I take flax seed ~ forgot that one!

Emily, I am interested in the supplement your RE recommended ~ I'm going to check that out. Also, I did accupuncture during our cycle with a guy who specializes in infertility AP ~ LOVED it. But he is 3hrs away..... : (

Retro Girl, I have heard about the Fertility Diet before, I'm going to check into that, too.


  1. No suggestions, unfortunately, other than to hang in there...whatever that means! I just read your original post. I'm new to blogging. I just started a few days ago. I needed an outlet too. I'm tired of always having to vent to my husband. I'm lucky to have a supportive family, but no one truly "gets it."

    I often laugh when I think about the amount of money my now husband and I wasted on BCPs. I fondly remember the first few months when we ditched the pills and had sex "to make a baby." We felt so naughty - HA!

    However, he, too, has low SA. The docs say that is the main cause of our infertility, but that it is also unexplained. I hate that word - unexplained.

    I've had 3 procedures canceled out of 5 in the last year. Most recently I had an IVF cycle canceled about a day or two prior to retrieval. They didn't like how the eggs were developing. Did you ever think, in a million years, that you would be faced with this? I know I didn't.

    We're taking a break this month too. I have an appointment with a new office on Monday and I'm hoping that's the positive change I need. My blog site is weak still. I'm kind of tech challenged, but feel free to check it out.

    Again, no good suggestions, but maybe you'll find comfort in knowing you helped a new blogger feel less alone.

  2. Hi there! Sounds like you have got it all under control. Are you taking Omega 3s? And Did your re recommend the male supplements? :-)

  3. You know, about 2 months before we cycled I became a "fertilty diet" freak. No sugar, no processed flour...everything into my mouth was high protien, high vitamen. I actually posted the specifics about it back in July. Granted, we got a BFN. But our cycle ended up being ok in the end - better than expected for my low AMH - and I really have a feeling the healthly, high protien diet helped. It was the heathliest I had been in my life. Now, of course, I am on the anti-fertility diet of diet coke and a donut now and again :-), but I would like to be back into the routine of what I was doing before. Even if I didn't get pregnant, I felt amazing.

  4. Sounds like you are doing some good things. I agree with adding in some Omega 3's either a supp or in your diet.

    my dh takes conception xr - recommended by his urologust and re - his counts have increased but he also had surgery so it is hard to tell which it is or if it is just luck!

    Acupuncture could benefit both of you... GL!!
    i also try to clean up my diet before cycles - no caffiene, nothing white-only whole grains, lean proteins, etc...

  5. My DH take MEGA MAN!!! The name makes me laugh!

    Acupuncture is heavenly, IMO.

  6. The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis has lots of good stuff if you are looking to read a bit on it all. Good Luck!!