Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beta #1

Since our current RE and fertility center is out of state, we are coordinating bloodwork with our previous clinic/old RE that is "local" (still 90min each way but closer than 12 hrs :)

Well, I found out both offices will be closed on Sat. So if/when my beta would be positive, I would have to wait until next week for round 2. Not exactly thrilled. So I talked to my nurse about the positive hpt's and she agreed to move my beta to yesterday.

So....beta #1 at 8dp5dt = 88.9

I know it's early but I was/am a little worried. I can't explain it other than its close to my beta # (77) on my natural BFP that ended shortly after with a miscarriage. I was secretly hoping this beta would just blow that # away and push the worry away. Instead, we are here. Hoping and praying for a good doubling beta on Friday. And scared to death.

It's weird. We've both been pretty quiet the past few days in anticipation of the results. You would think we'd be jumping and screaming from the rooftops. I guess it's the reality of infertility and this journey we are on.

For today, it's a victory and we will continue to take it one day at a time and remain cautiously optimistic.


  1. That is about what mine was at the same time and all went well. Praying that it doubles and that your bean stays snug!

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  3. The first clinic we cycled at did betas at 7dp5dt and 9dp5dt. They wanted to see a minimum of 10 at 7dp5dt. Our current clinic (Denver - can't remember if it's also where you're going?) wants to see 50 at 9dp5dt, so I think you have a very solid number there.

    I hope you get another very good number tomorrow. One more thing I'll mention - my numbers didn't double between 9dp5dt and 11dp5dt, they only increased by 86%. I was very upset, but here we are at 26 weeks and the Kiddo is still hanging in there. So even if your number tomorrow doesn't double, please try to keep in mind there are lots of successes out there that didn't have perfectly doubling numbers.

  4. I hope you get a great second beta! Congrats on passing that first hurdle! hugs.