Monday, December 19, 2011


I couldn't wait.  I had a feeling.

(It's hard to tell in this picture but the 2nd line on the middle one is darker than the first test.)

1st - 12/18/11 5dp5dt
2nd and 3rd - 12/19/11 6dp5dt (the digital one came up at exactly 1 minute!)

SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!  Not telling everyone just yet.  :)

I found out today my RE's office will be closed on Sat and Sun.  So I emailed my nurse asking if they could move my beta to Wed so that I can get both in before Christmas.  I hope they agree.  I need that confirmation that things are on the right track!


Rebecca, thank you so much for commenting on my last post.  I TOTALLY agree with you and contemplated today just copying and pasting your reply as my own and sending it to SIL.  I haven't yet.  In light of our good news, I can only hope and pray that it continues.  And I know if I tell her how her post hurt my feelings and was over the line, it will probably hurt her feelings and then there will be this weirdness there.  So....for now, I'm leaving it alone and relishing this excitement and "high" we are on.


  1. smile and wave!!!!

  2. Congratulations! Given how dark those lines are already, I'm guessing that will be a very strong beta.

    I totally understand you not replying to your SIL yet. You've got some good juju going on - no reason to mess with that!

  3. Congrats!!! So happy for you!