Thursday, December 15, 2011

ET - 5dt

A few days late but I'm trying to capture the moments...

My ET was on Tuesday, Dec 13th.  Anxiety ruled the morning since we hadn't had any updates on our 7 embies since Friday.  I was trying so hard to go with the rule, that no news is good news!  But had a hard time convincing my mind to shut down.

When the RE came in to discuss "the plan", he gave us the long-awaited update.  4 embies didn't make it to day 5.  :(  The 3 growing were: 2 blasts - rated as "great" and "good" and 1 morula (a day behind in development).  I didn't ask for more specifics because I was thrilled that we had made it this far.  My hopes and prayers had been for at least 1 blast to transfer and not only did we have 1 but TWO BLASTS!!!!!  He asked us how many we'd like to transfer.  We asked his thoughts.  He explained that while the morula is a day behind, he's seen morulas become healthy babies.  And he went on to say while there would be a slight chance (<5%) of triplets, he thought we would "cross that bridge" if we came to it.  He recommended to transfer all 3.  We wholeheartedly agreed and transferred the 3 little ones!

My beta is next Thursday, Dec 22nd.  Lots of time to dream, hope and pray!  Snuggle in tight embabies!


  1. Wow - 2 blasts, that sounds promising! I am like you, a low responder. Reading your blog made me wonder if I should be upping my stim doses - I have always only done 300 gonal-f and 150 menopur. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with that beta!

  2. wishing you the best of luck and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this wait.....