Monday, December 1, 2008

My heart melted tonight.

Well, I realized tonight that the past few days probably hasn't just been hard on better-half, (or other-half as he would say), my dear/darling/dashing husband (N) said something "out of the blue" that made me think. Made me think about his feelings. You know, as most men have trouble talking about their feelings, I think the same is true about my husband and his thoughts on IF. Don't get me wrong, we've came a long way, baby. But he's still a guy, and guys do not prefer to talk/share their feelings as openly as us girls do.

Tonight, N was getting out Christmas decorations and I was cleaning up from dinner. And I came into the living room and he says, "Hey, I have a thought. A good idea for our family tradition......" The rest of the words did not matter.....that sentence melted my heart.

That simple expression from him got me thinking....when this IF road seems so lonely, frustrating and heartbreaking, I need to remember the man beside me. The man who is struggling just as much as I am. I need to remember to be sensitive to his needs and be his supportive rock, just as he is mine.

Oh sweet, darling husband, how I hope and pray that we will be starting those traditions sooner, rather than later or not at all.


  1. He's a keeper. That is a beautiful sentence started. I hope you got some good snuggles in. :-)

  2. What a beautiful post. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband by your side to go through this all with. I am praying too, that both your dreams are answered soon, and you can finally start those family traditions you have been dreaming of -- together.

    Hang in there. And hang on tight to that wonderful man beside you.

  3. Hey there! For some reason my Bloglines just now picked this post up...a week late!!! Anyways, I just wanted to say that it's great that N wants to start a family tradition - it only takes 2, and when those kids come along - the traditions will already be in place. You have a great guy!