Thursday, December 2, 2010

1 week to go

About this time next Thursday evening, we will be arriving at our hotel in New York!  So excited to get this started!  Our first shipment of meds arrived just makes it all more real!  2 questions:  does Menopur have to be refrigerated?  (couldn't find anything on the packaging)  and is it difficult to mix the Menopur?  DH is the official chemist and is now worried once he found out he will have to mix this like daily!  I just laughed and he said, "Glad someone can laugh about it.  It freaks me out!"  LOL  Love him!


  1. No, it doesn't need to be refrigerated since it is mixed yet. Will your clinic teach you guys how to mix it? It's not difficult but I was happy to be "taught".
    Good luck guys!

  2. Its been already answered...but don't worry, the menopur is easy to mix. They will tell you the amount of liquid but it is usually about 1 cc to the bottle of menopur, gently move around to mix, and then get all of it back up in the syringe. I think I was freaked out too but I can't remember (was forever ago, lol)....its super-easy, don't worry! Good luck! I must say I wish you were coming to the office near us!!!!

  3. How awesome!!! So glad you are moving forward!

  4. So exciting!! You are coming to my city!! I can't recall what Dr you're seeing, but I have seen all of them :)

    Best of luck and if you need any "insider" tips while in NYC, let me know!!

  5. I left all my meds on my kitchen counter. Just make sure it isn't in direct sunlight and it stays below 78 degrees (I think that was the temp). Mixing it is VERY easy. Your clinic should go over all that with you. If not let us know and i'm sure between all of your followers you will be a pro in no time!

    Good Luck