Monday, December 6, 2010

It figures...

AF should have been here yesterday....this morning, at the latest.  My body was telling me she was on her way....cramps off and on since Fri, feeling hot, achy, and b*itchy (sorry, babe!).  The TP had been stark white until about an hour ago....TMI:  it was a pinkish but not blood.

No HPTs in the house and I would have to drive 45 min roundtrip in snowy, treacherous weather.  I NEED to be working for the next 5 hours to keep on schedule for getting things done before we are supposed  to leave!  So DH is going to call after work and bring one home if the witch hasn't fully arrived by then.  Now, just to keep myself busy and stop obsessing!

It figures this would happen.  I have been stressed all kinds of crazy from work and just anxious about this cycle and all that it brings.  Just ready to get this show on the road!


  1. I hate when AF doesn't cooperate!! But wow, that would be something - maybe you are pregnant! Good luck!

  2. I hate that! Are you on any meds? Lupron always makes her late for me! (but I'll secretly hope that you just had an "oops" and there will be no need to travel!)