Saturday, December 18, 2010

CD 11 Update

Wow,  These meds are kicking my butt!  Last round of stim meds were last night, HCG shot is tonight (in 10 minutes), and ER on Monday at 10am!

Yesterday's #s:
E2 = 1811
P4 = .8
LH = 10.03
follicles = 5 total (3 on the left, 2 on right)

Even though there are still 2 measurable follies on the right, they are slightly smaller than Wed.  My right ovary was smaller yesterday than Wed, too.  What does this mean?  How/why does an ovary get smaller and follies get smaller?  How can this be when we've been pumping my body full of stims for over a week?! 

Anyways, I digress....please, pLeAsE, PLEASE let Monday bring good news about good quality, mature eggs!


  1. I am guessing you had a different ultrasound tech? They always measure them differently so it may just be the difference between the machine used or the person using the machine. Sending good thoughts your way!