Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CD 1 (a little late)

Yeah, I started spotting late Monday afternoon and AF was in full force yesterday.  CD 1 *officially* yesterday, 12/7.  I go for CD 3 baselines (bloodwork and ultrasound) tomorrow morning!

Also, need opinions and thoughts, please!  I've been thinking about starting another blog and sharing it with our families.  There are a few posts I've wrote here in the past that might hurt someone's feelings.  I'm concerned about that. 

Has anyone else done this?  other ideas?  I don't want it to be more complicated (I'm already not a daily blogger :) but I think it might help shed light on the reality of what we are going through.


  1. It depends on who all will be reaidng it and what it will be focused on. I love being able to write out all the things going on but I'm not sure I would want my extended family reading about my monthly cycle. If you base it on where you are at in the cycle (retrieval, transfer....) and your emotions I think it might be good. So many people have no clue what women batteling IF go through. Also another draw back is if they know exaclty where you are in your cycle you will constantly get asked around your beta if your pregnant. I know because my family did this to me and it was very difficult to tell them every time we recieved a negative.

    Good luck with this cycle...I know you must be very excited!

    Thinking of you

  2. Good luck!!
    I have considered sharing my blog with family, but I am a little nervous because I might offend some people! Although, a couple people have found my blog and have been supportive - and it kind of surprised me! It can be a good thing! :)