Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CD 9 update

Today's #'s:
E2 = 970
P4 = 1.2
LH = 10.01
follicles = 5 total (3 on left, 2 on right)

So...obviously, we were hoping for more follicles but I'm trying not to caught up on quantity and think quality.  Ugh.  So tough.  I will continue on the same medication doses and go back on Friday morning.  With this pace, they think ER will be Monday and ET on Thursday or Friday. 

I came across this meditation CD series called Circle+Bloom.  Has anyone used them?  Since we had already started this cycle, I passed this time but saw something similar at our Center's boutique today.  I bought the one for IVF cycles.  It is on my agenda tonight. 

Also, I had a massage today at the Center.  One word, relaxed.  They offer acupuncture, too.  I did it regularly during our last IVF cycle.  I haven't this time but thinking about adding it to mix for the next week. 


  1. Quality is certainly the most important thing, and your E2 is looking great! Keep up the positive thoughts and I love how you're taking time for massages and maybe meditation. Thinking about you!!!

  2. I am also all about quality over quantity! I won't have many eggs to choose from either, but they are going to be golden eggs & so will yours! :) I hope everything keeps progressing nicely. *fingers crossed*

  3. That clinic never goes for quantity, just know that. They only shot for 8 follicles for me and, to be honest, on very very low stim meds I get 20+ follies, so they really don't go for a is just how they operate. I think you may get really good quality though, so hang in there.