Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fertilization Limbo

Of my 4 eggs, 3 were mature.  They ICSI'd the 3 eggs and 2 did not fertilize.  The other one - well, they are not sure yet.  It was "uncertain" if fertilization occurred so they wanted to give it another day.  We have to wait until tomorrow morning to find out if we may have 1 embryo for transfer. 

Ugh.  This is not what we expected.  Not a good day...

Oh and for the record, I started progesterone support (Crinone) and Estrace this morning...just in case.


  1. Oh Shit, that's stressful. Well that one little embryo is going to be your trooper then.

  2. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry. I really hope that embie is a tough healthy one!! HUGS

  3. Not again!!! I'm thus i'm sorry. Lets hope that embie can be a hard wholesome 1!
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